New Project From Riton

Propulsive house guru Riton is set to re-emerge with a stunning tribute to krautrock with his new project Eine Klein Nacht Musik, it has been announced.

The Newcastle-based DJ has released some superb electronic music under the name Riton for some time now. Signed to the iconic dance imprint Grand Central, Riton released two albums of thumping electro-house. Now it seems the reclusive DJ has changed his tastes somewhat, with his new project focussing on the krautrock genre.

Influenced by the repetitive, motorik rhythms of Kraftwerk and Can, Eine Klein Nacht Musik is a tribute to the heady days of the early 70s when 'synth' was a dirty word in rock music. A debut album is due to be released on July 14th, but before then a single featuring non-album cuts is set to hit the shelves.

The single will feature two tracks, one of which - "La Serenissima" - is an update of a classical piece. The other track on the single is the string-laden "Phantasie", a soaring epic that oozes ambition.

The debut album by "Eine Klein Nacht Musik" is set to be released through Modular on July 14th. The single "La Serenissima / Phantasie" is released on 12 inch and download today (June 30th).

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