New album due shortly

Eels have spoken to ClashMusic about their hugely ambitious rock trilogy, culminating in forthcoming album 'Tomorrow Morning'.

Eels aren't known for shrinking away from a challenge. But embarking on an ambitious songwriting project, it seemed that even the evergreen American indie rock act had bitten off more than they could chew.

The band are close to completing a remarkable rock trilogy, beginning with 2009's 'Hombre Lobo' and running through last year's 'End Times'.

Focussing on lust, loss and redemption the albums are in themselves centred on concepts. Completed by new album 'Tomorrow Morning' songwriter E recently spoke to ClashMusic about the project.

“Originally I thought it was going to be a two part story” E explained “but then it turned into a three part story. It changed into three parts quite early on.”

As work progressed, E found himself locked in the studio which, for the predominately solo 'End Times', grew more and more difficult. “That was probably the hardest one to make - partly because of the subject matter and also partly because of the loneliness” E said.

“With ‘End Times’ I was in a similar situation as to when I first decided to write a book. I naively thought that because I was going to do something alone it would be easy. Then it turns out that those things are the hardest to do. I thought like “oh I’ll just sit down with my old four track recorder and sing some songs”. At times it was difficult to record.”

However new album 'Tomorrow Morning' found the singer reinvigorated by the band format. The various members of Eels re-joined the singer, helping to bring fresh new ideas to the project.

“I had two ideas in my mind at one point, I had one idea to make an album using colder sounding electronic influences possibly in an apartment in Berlin. But I also wanted to make a really celebratory album about all the things I love about life” he claimed. “Then it occurred to me to combine those two ideas into one idea, which made it interesting as it became its own thing. It was a challenge, as how do you warm up a cold sound?”

Eels are due to release their new album 'Tomorrow Morning' on August 23rd. Click HERE to read the entire interview!

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