British police question E

British police questioned Eels singer E after suspecting that he was a possible terrorist.

E has been called many things. A genius, a tortured frontman, a singer, a novelist and now a terrorist. In London to support his new album 'Tomorrow Morning' the frontman held court in a London hotel to explain the themes of recovery and redemption to assembled journalists.

Nearby however, a stranger was loitering near an international embassy. Taking no chances police were sent to the building, questioning those who looked suspicious.

Just as luck would have it, the Eels singer decided to take a stroll to replenish his batteries. With a lengthy beard and shaven heard, E looks conspicuous enough for police to question him about his actions earlier that day.

After informing police that his chosen career was rock music - as opposed to terrorism - E went back to his press duties. "Not every guy with short hair and a long beard is a terrorist" he said. "Some of us just want to rock."


The new album fulfils an ambitious trilogy. 'Tomorrow Morning' is the third part of a series that began with 'Hombre Lobo' in 2008. Last year saw the release of stark follow up 'End Times' which the singer recorded on basic four track equipment.

A lush and at times euphoric album, 'Tomorrow Morning' contains glimpses of synths between E's rock songwriting. Available from August 24th, it is one of Eels most uplifting works to date.

With a series of UK tour dates confirmed for later this year, Eels are set to end a three year wait by fans for a new tour.

ClashMusic recently spoke to E about the release - check back to read the full interview!

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