Superstar Cast To Design Sleeve

Edwyn Collins is set to return with new single "Home Again" on June 23rd, and the singer has recruited an all-star cast to design the new sleeve.

The ex-Orange Juice singer had a critically acclaimed solo career before suffering a brain hemorrhage that almost killed him. Collins has bravely fought back from his ill health to return to live performances, and his comeback single is a minor miracle given the setbacks he has suffered.

The new single will have a limited run of 1500 copies, with 25 specially designed sleeves. Amongst the roll call of artists who are taking part are Irvine Welsh, Franz Ferdinand, Nicky Wire, Jarvis Cocker, Bernard Butler and Billy Childish. Covering many genres and artforms, the designers represent an impressive testament to the esteem that Collins is held in by his peer group.

"Home Again" will be released on June 23rd, in a limited edition of 1500.

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