The EDWIN Music Channel commemorates it's 100th mix with tunes by Sapphire Slows, Robert Bergman, Ana Helder and more...

EDWIN is not just a Japanese denim brand but also a culture influencer, dissolving borders with the creation of their specially-curated international mix series.

Since 2014, The EDWIN Music Channel has been an incubator for thrilling, genre-defying mixes conducted by world-renowned DJs, collectors, musicians, producers, tastemakers sitting at the intersection between clubland glory and abstract electronica. 

To honour it's landmark 100th mix, ten participants from over the years have each produced a 3 minute long track for an exclusive limited edition tape release, now available free of charge in EDWIN stores across London, Milan, Berlin and Paris, alongside a commemorative Tee to mark the occasion. 

The lucid mix is a transnational affair, featuring exclusive music from pioneers spanning the vast expanse of the electronic music world. Expect tracks by Brothers From Different Mothers artist DJ Tarba, German drum 'n' bass legend Kabuki, electronic illusionist Fantastic Twins, French duo lueke & Lippie, Argentinian producer Ana Helder, Amsterdam-based Brew label boss Robert Bergman, Tokyo leftfield pop electronic producer Sapphire Slows, Greek dub innovator Jay Glass Dubs, Bristol-based bass architect Bruce and ghost dance magician Tolouse Low Trax

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EDWIN 100th Mix Tape

EDWIN 100th Mix Commemorative Tee

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EDWIN has a storied history. Founded in post-war Tokyo by Mr. Tsunemi, the company originally imported denim from the US. As the demand for denim grew in Japan, the company began to manufacture their own homegrown designs.

In 1961, EDWIN jeans were the most dense in the world, integrating the now signature rainbow selvedge. In the ensuing decades, EDWIN has emerged as one of the most iconic and lauded brands in the world, with a clothing range sitting alongside it's classic denim origins. 

Over the coming months CLASH are honoured to amplify the EDWIN Music Channel, showcasing a host of emerging producers and DJs spanning scenes and genres.

Tune in to the EDWIN 100th Mix now...

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Words: Shahzaib Hussain


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