Editors x Blanck Mass (Credit: Rahi Rezvani)
It's a darker, more electronic influenced twist on 'Violence'...

Editors are set to share their studio sessions with Blanck Mass in full.

The collaboration forms the root of the band's recent Top 10 album 'Violence', with the initial sessions taking on a dark, electronic tone.

Later re-worked by Leo Abrahams for the full release, Editors have decided that the potency of Blanck Mass' approach deserves a wider release.

The band explain: "When we initially approached Ben (Blanck Mass) to work with us on 'Violence' we gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted. It seemed stupid to try and instil any boundaries or direction to him as he has such a singular, authored sound to everything he puts his hand to... so we left him to it. The results of that process being this release. A very visceral version of our album 'Violence'."

Out on Record Store Day - April 13th - a full release will follow on Play It Again Sam, led by the Blanck Mass version of 'Barricades'.

Imposing electronics, this version is a barbed, challenging, left field diversion for the group. Bristol film maker Hi-Sim composed the electrifying video, and he comments:

"I was thinking about the mechanical nature of music - looping patterns of sound. This got me thinking about these amazing machines - brimming with little processes that perform precise repetitive functions. it is the imperfections, though, that bring about a warm human element, so I decided to see what would happen when they fail and the smallest of errors become catastrophic".

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Rahi Rezvani

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