Edith Gets Intimate With ‘In this house we celebrate heartbreak’

It's her vivid new album...

For Edith, music is a safe space, an arena she can control. It’s an avenue for expression, a vessel to contain her emotions. When she’s writing music, nothing is off limits – each song becomes a mirror into her soul.

It’s this approach that fuels her new album ‘In this house we celebrate heartbreak’. Out now, it’s an 18-track blockbuster, 63 minutes of sprightly musicality that explores growth and redemption.

A kind of audio map of Edith’s life between the ages of 20 to 22, ‘In this house we celebrate heartbreak’ learns to find light amid the dark. Baring her soul, the work is worth comparing to Olivia Rodrigo’s recent singles, the sound of a youthful voice coming into focus.

Opening song ‘Over It’ glistens with 80s gloss, akin to those wonderful peak era Madonna 45s. ‘The Day We Met’ is all finger-snapping class, while ‘Heart Of Stone’ finds Edith getting emotional.

A wonderful singer, she’s learned to be open – just look at ’21’, a song that repeatedly asks profound questions of its maker. At times innocent, at others wracked with guilt, the record ricochets between emotions – the up of ‘Stupid Mistake’ for example, or the down that frames the rather more plaintive ‘Last September’.

Closing with the poignant yet direct ‘Airdrop’, the new album highlights how far Edith has come. She began writing songs at the age of 11, and released her first EP when she was 18 – in every way, this debut album is a coming of age moment.

She relates: “I started writing this album when I was 21. Most songs are written instead of writing texts or jotting down my feelings in my diary; instead, I would pour my heart into songs on my piano…”

Songwriting that revels in empowerment, ‘In this house we celebrate heartbreak’ draws a line under her past, and allows Edith to look to the future.

Tune in now.

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