Ebony Bones
It's a powerful primer for new album 'Nephilim'...

Brixton artist Ebony Bones has shared the powerful new video for her song 'No Black In The Union Jack'.

The London multi-disciplinary talent is currently prepping new album 'Nephilim', a record that refuses to look away from some of British society's most negative traits.

New song 'No Black In The Union Jack' leads the way, and it opens with the notorious words of politician Enoch Powell.

Using his Rivers of Blood speech, Ebony lays clear the connections between his xenophobia and the rise of right wing populism seen in Brexit and Trump.

Directed by Ebony herself, it's a striking, revealing watch. She explains...

The new album explores themes including the emergence of nationalism in the world post-Brexit and Trump. Xenophobia as well as fear of immigrants and foreigners was strongly associated with support for leaving the EU, post-Trump and Brexit have created a hostile environment for immigrants, fanned by nationalist bile and scapegoating as displayed in 'No Black In The Union Jack’.

The song begins with an audio clip of British Member of Parliament Enoch Powell’s notorious Rivers of Blood speech attacking immigration in 1968. This hate speech was so vile, it had never been broadcast in full until recently. It is one of the most incendiary racist speeches of modern Britain and this year marks it’s 50th anniversary.

It was emotional directing the video in parts of London including Brixton where I grew up, aswell as Grenfell which has become an international symbol of systemic, institutional and structural inequality.

Tune in now.

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