Ebbb Announce New ‘All At Once’ EP

Two electrifying songs are online...

Enigmatic London trio Ebbb have signed to Ninja Tune, and detailed their new ‘All At Once’ EP.

The trio have caused a stir in London’s underground communities, with their live shows revealing an incredible thirst for originality. Consisting of producer Lev Ceylan, vocalist Will Rowland, and drummer Scott MacDonald, Ebbb are now ready to break cover.

Freshly signed to Ninja Tune, new EP ‘All At Once’ will be released on June 14th. Two new songs are out now, displaying the contrary moods of the collective.

Take ‘Himmel’ – dreamy electronics pierced by shards of post-punk noise, it’s endlessly evolving. “That song encapsulates the two sides of the sound we have quite well,” says Rowland. “Having the more ethereal, dreamy vocals but with that undercurrent of the low rumblings. It’s kind of like heaven and hell.” 

Out now with a full video, you can check out ‘Himmel’ below.

By contrast ‘Swarm’ is more discordant, with Ebbb veering into the oblique. A fascinating puzzle of sound, it represents a different aspect of their creativity.

“I like that it can’t be pigeonholed,” says Lev Ceylan, speaking of the forthcoming EP. “We really do love plot twists – where it just explodes into something completely different.”

‘All At Once’ will be released on June 14th.

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