Eastpak Launches The INSIDER Trail

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Way back when London witnessed the first of the summer sun (22nd May, we remember it well), Clash were invited to partake in a taster session for a top secret Shoreditch trail with the lovely folk at Eastpak and the brilliant people of HiddenCity. We were plied with food and drink, and the promise of an exciting and totally unique day out; and that we were granted. Well now the secret’s out and Eastpak are offering you the chance to do the same, sort of.

Swap Shoreditch for the whole of London and food and drink for £5,000 and that’s what’s happening. Nice right? On 28th August ‘The Insider’ (think of Noel Edmonds’ mate The Banker and you’re there), will deposit an Eastpak bag containing £5,000 somewhere within the city. Find the bag from 1st September and it’s yours, every, single, penny. But where’s the fun in that you ask? Apart from the obvious, not much. Step in HiddenCity, the guys and gals for whom London is a playground and cat and mouse their favourite game. The HC team have devised three trails for your choosing, the next step is up to you; pick a team, sign up online and decide on a trail. Have your phone close as a text will follow telling you your starting location and a clue. The clue holds the next stop on your trail and with each stop on your path to the gold comes a new clue for a new location. The quicker you get the clue correct the closer you become to the cash. Get it?

The whole shebang’s free and all done on foot (so make sure the shoes on your feet were made for walking); teams should be of no more than four and applications are open now. If you think you’re got what it takes head over to insidertrail.eastpak.com. Good luck y’all.

Words by Zoe Whitfield

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