Dylan Fraser, Alaska Reid Unite On ‘Vampire’

His new EP is incoming...

Scottish all-rounder Dylan Fraser unites with Alaska Reid on new single ‘Vampire’.

Dylan Fraser has spent the past 18 months peppering streaming platforms with alt-pop statements, using social media to build a rabid fanbase.

Each new release takes him closer to his goal, with his new EP ‘Revolution 2020’ set to land on August 17th.

Ahead of this, new single ‘Vampire’ is online now. Distorted electronics with a twisted sense of pop, it finds Dylan Fraser working alongside Alaska Reid, their two voices coalescing into something bigger than the sum of its part.

Dylan comments…

This song is about feeling like you’re a bad person to someone you love. When you love someone, you show them every side of yourself, even the bad parts.

Sometimes, I think you tend to lash out at people you love the most but it’s only because you feel comfortable enough to let your frustration or upset out around them, but it can leave you feeling like you’re a bad person, a liability, over the top. Who knows, maybe even a vampire, a monster…

Tune in now.

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