Duvet’s ‘Girlcow’ Is A Confident Introduction

A slab of jagged post-punk...

Manchester based Duvet have shared new single ‘Girlcow’.

The band have caused a buzz in their home city, playing a series of shows around Northern England. The five-piece melt together jagged post-punk aspects with a surrealistic pop stance, reminiscent of The Slits, Erase Errata, or even aspects of Wire.

Intending to release a split seven inch on October 6th, via Missing Out Records, the band have just shared a wild yet ultimately pretty-damn-catchy new single.

Out now, ‘Girlcow’ revels in stream-of-consciousness word play, allowing the song structure to bend, re-shape, and ultimately break. A song about sleazy cowboys and the drifting badlands spliced against memories of sticky floor indie discos, ‘Girlcow’ is a quite singular statement.

Duvet comment…

“‘Girlcow’ is a song that includes a bit of fictional story telling about a confident cowboy pursuing a play girl bunny type character. The lyrics are a bit scattered, stream of conscious and all over the place, with the verse and chorus switching from the two perspectives. Given that, it only felt natural to write something that’s quite erratic to go with the words. It’s a very up and down song and that was kind of our intent, to put together something that’s slightly nauseating but still catchy.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Charlie Harris

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