Durand Jones Launches Solo Album ‘Wait Til I Get Over’

Check out soulful new scorcher 'Lord Have Mercy'...

Durand Jones will release new solo album ‘Wait Til I Get Over’ on May 5th.

The singer is best known for his role in Durand Jones & the Indications, a group whose soulful sound has touched international audiences. For this new endeavour, though, he’s going solo, dealing with some vastly personal themes.

Much of the record is rooted in his home town Hillaryville, Louisiana, a town first established as a form of reparations to previously enslaved Black Americans. Using small town life as a lens to view the world through, the lyrics touch on heritage, identity, and the possibilities offered by music.

Out on May 5th, ‘Wait Til I Get Over’ is trailed by new track ‘Lord Have Mercy’, an all-out scorcher whose helter-skelter take on soul touches on primal rock ‘n’ roll. A break from his previous work, it’s marked by a personal quality, and the cathartic embrace of a full-on vocal.

Durand Jones comments…

The interlude ends with my Grandmother telling us how she felt about Hillaryville back in the day. Hillaryville is no longer a sanctuary town or ‘place you’d most want to live’. Most people in my generation and younger dream of escaping a place like Hillaryville.

And for many the dream never becomes something more. Life can find a way to keep you there if you will let it. I wanted to express this thought through sound in a raw, wild and raucous way. A build of a groove that feels like it is driving through a muddy swamp. Trapped.

Tune in now.

Gerri Marie
The Place You’d Most Want To Live (Interlude) 
Lord Have Mercy 
I Want You 
Wait Til I Get Over 
That Feeling 
See It Through (Interlude) 
See It Through 
Someday We’ll All Be Free (feat. Skypp)
Durand Jones – Letter To My 17 Year Old Self 

Photo Credit: Rahim Fortune 

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