Welcome... Kristin Kontrol
Dee Dee

Dum Dum Girls' Dee Dee has launched a new solo project titled Kristin Kontrol.

The singer has signed to Sub Pop to release a new album, said to be informed by synth pop, R&B and Krautrock.

The record will be released this Spring, with Dee Dee / Kristin Kontrol providing fans with a short introductory clip:

"I wanted to open things up and shed light on significant influences that felt off-limits in Dum Dum land. I don't want to fight them off anymore. That'd be a drag."

"The music is so different from anything I've ever done - I felt compelled to shed the alter-ego instead of trying to morph Dum Dum Girls into something else. I didn't want to mess with that legacy."

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