Get the low-down on this Tottenham project...

Drones Club aren't so much a band but an aesthetic expression of several people at once.

Confused? Well, like most things Drones Club make more sense in action - listening, watching - than in conversation.

Rooted in Tottenham, the band make music, visuals, and recently paired up with Lucy James to focus on their own fashion line.

Aiming to use fashion to become "truer versions of ourselves", Drones Club also want to create clothing that is "practical, self-sufficient".

They explain: "Clothing should be transformative, transport us to our shared myth and imagination: we can be the big, bad gods of our own future."

It's an aesthetic they also pursue in their music. An 80s tinged slo-mo jammer, new single 'Raise It Up' is quietly emphatic, the sort of off piste manouerve that can only be completely by self-confessed non-musicians.

"To be honest we’re not even musicians, we just make a lot of music," they explain. "We’re three people working up in Tottenham trying to shift reality just a little bit, trying to pry open the curtains for everybody to have a peek into what is possible, the mad shit that’s inside them."

"Trying to shine a left-hand light onto the streets and show that the sublime was there the whole time. We’re by no means the first and I fucking hope we’re not the last!"

Clash is able to premiere the visuals, a dizzying, deftly creative feast for the eyes. "The song is about a mythical figure we call the Joyrider, our very own patron saint of summer evenings, hazy joy, transgression," they explain. "She rides a moped round the north circular in a sort of eternal sunset, slaloming the Transits and Corsas like an absolute boss so that we can all have a sick summer."

"When we got in touch with (director) Stroma we didn’t tell her any of this but her treatment, her response to the track was so up inside the original soul of the song that it felt like two mad planets aligning. We love working with people we know, and Stroma cast her friends and family in the video, it feels like there’s a web of truth and love running through the whole package."

Tune in now.

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