Drahla Surge Back With ‘Lip Sync’

Distorted, surrealist post-punk...

Drahla have shared their new single ‘Lip Sync’.

The band’s debut album ‘Useless Coordinates’ landed back in 2019, and found the Leeds formed art-rock outfit grappling with the post-punk legacy. Since then, they’ve released a one-off cover of Psychic TV’s ‘Godstar’ – also in 2019 – before seeming to retreat.

New single ‘Lip Sync’ marks a fresh phase in their creativity, and it points to a potential second album. Marking a break with their previous work, it’s a post-punk inquisition, a squirming slice of noise rock that seems to inject some of Throbbing Gristle’s poison into the carcass of British guitar music.

The band’s very own Luciel Brown and Rob Riggs construct the video for ‘Lip Sync’, which is inspired by American mixed-media artist Bruce Nauman’s 1969 visual piece of the same name.

Drahla comment…

“‘Lip Sync’ is an autobiographical account of self deflection. It explores the idea of syncing to social norms, conversation and expressions to converse without being fully present – taking on a converged guise to fit different interactions.”

Tune in now.

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