Dr Dre Album Pushed Back

'Detox' due next year

Hard working hip hop producer Dr Dre has pushed back the release date of his new album ‘Detox’ to next year.

Dr Dre rose to fame as an integral member of NWA. Producing many of the band’s seminal early material the Californian musician soon fell out of favour with the group, departing for a solo career.

An under-rated rapper, Dr Dre has nonetheless released a string of stunning hip hop albums. Pushing the form in different directions the one time NWA firebrand is still better known for his production skills.

Working with some of the finest rappers to emerge from the hip hop scene, Dr Dre recently crafted the beats for Eminem’s enormously successful comeback album ‘Rehab’.

Set to take control of the Detroit rapper’s new album, it seems that Dr Dre’s busy schedule means that his own solo efforts have been forced to take a back seat. In a new interview with American magazine Slam the producer revealed that long rumoured album ‘Detox’ isn’t set to be released this year.

“I’m working on it (‘Detox’), but also I’ve been working on other people’s projects,” he said. “You’ll probably hear something in a year or so.”

Fans have been kept waiting for new material since 1999. Releasing the acclaimed ‘2001’ record Dr Dre balanced critical acclaimed with commercial success, making it one of his finest efforts to date.

Dr Dre is set to release ‘Detox’ in 2011. Maybe.

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