From their forthcoming album...

Yuck have posted new track 'Rebirth' online - check it out below.

Strange days for Yuck. When the band first emerged, the idea of a 90s revival was about as popular as shoving your head down the toilet and repeatedly flushing.

Yet the band's hazy riffs, their fondness for grunge influences and plaid shirts has led to a plethora of followers. Keeping ahead of the pack has proved to be difficult though, with the group taking time off following the departure of frontman Daniel Blumberg.

Thankfully, they've decided to continue. Max Bloom has stepped up to the mic, with sessions currently under way on their second album.

New cut 'Rebirth' emerged online at the tail of last week, and it's a promising return.

Check it out below.

Download 'Rebirth' HERE.

Work on Yuck's second album is ongoing.

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