Psych rarities, obscure cuts and more

A fascinating new mix prepared by the late Broadcast singer Trish Keenan has emerged.

The sad passing of Trish Keenan has hit music fans hard. The Broadcast singer took ill when touring in Australia, and despite being admitted to hospital passed away due to compilations with pneumonia.

A stunning vocalist, Trish Keenan seemed to embody everything which was great about Broadcast. The band's mixture of creaking electronics with wyrd folk songwriting seemed otherworldly, with Keenan's voice hinting at something intangible.

Last recording with Broadcast in 2009, Trish Keenan knew her influences well. A massive record collector, the singer could piece together obscure psych without losing sight of the emotional impact music should have.

Now a new mix has emerged which feature many of those influences. Prepared by Trish Keenan for a close friend before travelling to Australia, it contains some fascinating recordings which give further insight into the music of Broadcast.

Released online, fans are scrambling to prepare a full tracklisting. However when the mix veers from bizarre electronica to out there folk in a few seconds it is proving to be difficult to pin down...

"Before she went to Australia Trish sent me a mix CD of bonkers pop music she compiled, I never thanked her. Its called Mind Bending Motorway Mix and I want to share it with you, please pass the link on, share it far and wide, its a little tribute to an (as a friend referred to her today) exhilarating woman…”

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The fans building the tracklisting left the following message: "Before her tragic, untimely passing, Ms. Keenan sent a friend an intriguing mixtape filled with wonderful music whose level of obscurity and beauty accurately reflects the wondrous vision which one could always find in Broadcast. This list is an attempt to find the pieces to the puzzle."

For the tracklisting click HERE.

To download 'Mind Bending Motorway Mix' click HERE.

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