Second album preview

The Low Anthem have offered fans a free preview from their forthcoming second album.

Emerging from Providence, The Low Anthem seemed to have no other agenda but making music. The group initially released debut album 'Oh My God, Charlie Darwin' on their own label, unable to find any backing for their songwriting.

However the album soon picked up a cult following. Strident indie rock, The Low Anthem specialise in thought provoking songwriting which cuts far deeper than your average blog hyped micro-genre.

Nonesuch Records in the United States and Bella Union here in the UK cut a deal to release the album, giving The Low Anthem some much needed clout. Becoming a cult favourite, the band began working on a follow up earlier this year.

Titled 'Smart Flesh' the second album is set to drop in February. Confirming a series of British tour dates, The Low Anthem have offered fans a preview of their new material.

Taken from their new album, 'Ghost Woman Blues' is available to download below...


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