Salute to 90s hip hop culture...
Subculture Sage

Subculture Sage have posted new track 'Childhood' online - listen to it now.

Funny how these things come back around. The 90s was a true Golden Age for hip hop, a period when the best rappers in the world were - usually - the most successful.

Hit singles battled for artistic supremacy, with each passing week seeming to bring with it a seminal release. If you were young and in the UK, then the adventures of those strange, beguiling Stateside MCs were something quite remarkable indeed.

It's a period which forms the basis of the new Subculture Sage track. The duo look back on their own 'Childhood' with the pair swapping rhymes over a soft-as-caramel beat which is part G-Funk seduction and part Block Party emulation.

Making sure that the production had some genuine Golden Age fairy dust, Subculture Sage recruited Yoram Vazan - the man who mixed and mastered all those early Gangstarr and Wu-Tang Clan records.

Listen to it now.

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