Dorian Cox Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Shows at Hebden Bridge and The Leadmill have been pulled...

Dorian Cox, of Sheffield band The Long Blondes, has been accused of prolonged sexual and emotional abuse by an ex-partner, Victoria Lane.

In a series of tweets, Lane identifies Cox as “a rapist and systematic abuser”, describing his behaviour during their relationship as “coercive and manipulative.”

Trigger Warning:

Dorian Cox Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Lane shares that Cox’s publisher Zer0 Books has since pulled his upcoming book, ‘I Heard The Strokes Before You’, also sharing a screenshot from an exchange with The Long Blondes’ frontwoman Kate Jackson, who in her words is “aware of all this yet chose to take no action.”

In a concluding tweet, Lane shares she has been receiving domestic violence counselling from Women’s Aid, imploring her statement be shared to bring light to the “cruel treatment of ex partners”:

Dorian Cox Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Dorian Cox has since responded, with his statement expected soon:

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