This is hilarious...

A priest accidentally interrupted a mass in Donegal over the weekend by playing UK rapper Black The Rapper.

Black The Ripper sadly died in 2020, and his loss was felt across the UK underground.

A much-loved figure, we're pretty sure he would have got a kick out of his unexpected appearance during a mass in the Republic of Ireland.

A Donegal Priest has made internet headlines by live-streaming mass each week, and he arranges a soundtrack of religious music to play behind him.

Seemingly a mistake on song tagging saw Black The Ripper drawn into the playlist, and his music began blasting out across the cathedral.

The Priest took it all in his stride, however, chuckling: "Black The Ripper, a bit of rap in the morning wakes you up!"

Watch it below.

My Local Priest had some technical difficulties on his livestream today. Handled it very well, I must say! from r/ireland

(via Reddit)

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