Don Toliver Talks Travis Scott Collaboration Album Rumours

The two are close...

Don Toliver has discussed a possible collaborative album with Travis Scott.

The rapper is on something of a roll right now, with his album ‘Hardstone Psycho’ becoming a huge success. In our review, CLASH wrote:

Joined by an expertly curated cast, ‘Hardstone Psycho’ reinforces Don Toliver’s stature, while also providing new arenas for him to explore. It’s fun, and for the most part is executed perfectly, underlining his position in the upper echelons of the new rap generation.

Travis Scott makes two stellar guest appearances on the record, the latest in a line of collaborations between the two pivotal rap talents. Sitting down for an interview with GQ, the conversation turned to a potential full-length link-up… and it could happen, seemingly.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m going to tell you this: I love Travis so much,” Toliver shared. “And me and him just, we grow together. So, I mean, you can just about expect possibly anything from us. I can’t sit here and be like, ‘Oh, we’re doing the album next year.’ But I mean, I can just say this: me and Travis, it’d be a beautiful thing. And it doesn’t look too far away on the horizon. So, we’ll see.”

‘Hardstone Psycho’ is structured in four segments, a move Don Toliver credits to Travis Scott.

“The person who helped me put this together was Travis,” he said. “Big shout out to big bro for this. He helped me break the album down into four different lanes, four pieces.”

‘Hardstone Psycho’ is out now.

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