DJ Format Has Built A New Beatles Songbook Mixtape

Extremely limited edition fare...

DJ Format has built a new mixtape rooted in Beatles songbook samples.

The release of ‘new’ single ‘Now & Then’ has put the Beatles back in public consciousness, coupled with the mixing overhaul of the fabled ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ compilations.

DJ Format is a long-time Beatles buff, and has amassed a huge collection of Beatles covers. As it transpires, the Liverpool band were adored by fans and musicians alike, and there’s a rich vein of funk, soul, and reggae covers.

This new 65 minute tape is pressed up in ultra-limited qualities, and it looks like something special for fans. Selling out almost instantly, it boasts “Fab Four cover versions from around the world, incorporating jazz, psych, latin, soul, funk… and lots of breaks!”

Check out a quick preview below.

It’s not the first Beatles mix album we’ve come across – Danger Mouse famously released ‘The Grey Album’ back in 2004, slicing together aspects of Jay Z’s ‘The Black Album’ with The Beatles’ seminal White Album release.

There’s something special about DJ Format, however; approaching each project with his own finely tuned instincts, we’re desperate to track down a copy of this.

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