Dizzy’s ‘Birthmark’ Deals With Heartbreak

They're going a a little deeper...

Dizzy digs deep on new song ‘Birthmark’.

The songwriter has released two albums to date, 2018’s ‘Baby Teeth‘ and 2020’s ‘The Sun and Her Scorch‘. Entering a fresh chapter, Dizzy has opted to wear a mask – an act of rebellion against the industry.

“I’m a very anxious and sensitive person. Thinking about taking a bunch of photos and videos of myself, especially after two years in isolation, felt a bit shocking and scary, and like something I didn’t really want to do,” she explains.

Feeling duly protected, their work has taken on an explicitly emotional hue. Out now, new song ‘Birthmark’ is part of this process – lyrically open, ‘Birthmark’ deals with heartbreak, and the power it takes to piece yourself together, and move on.

Tender and true, Dizzy speaks from the heart. Katie Munshaw says…

 “The song is from the point of view of someone I love who went through their first heartbreak last year. I remember we were laying in bed one night and they said they didn’t feel so bad until it was time to go to sleep. I thought that was so sad.”

The video finds Dizzy dancing with the devil, the twilight clip shot in a farm field over in Western Ontario.

Tune in now.

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