Dizzy Launch New Self-Titled Album

New single 'Open Up Wide' is out now...

Ontario group Dizzy have laid out plans for their new self-titled album.

The band have released two albums to date; 2018’s ‘Baby Teeth’ and 2020 follow-up ‘The Sun And Her Scorch’. A third album is incoming, with Dizzy opting for the self-titled route.

Out on August 18th via Communion, ‘Dizzy’ was constructed by the band, working alongside producer David Pramik. New single ‘Open Up Wide’ is out now, and it came to be a recurring motto during the recording sessions.

Singer Katie Munshaw says…

“When we started recording the album, our producer David [Pramik] was super conscious of cutting the fat from each song. One afternoon he encouraged us to write our parts in a simpler, more ‘spoonfed’ fashion for easy listening, when Mack piped up cheekily ‘Open up wide! Here comes the airplane!’ The next morning we were all feeling a bit resentful of that mindset and ‘Open Up Wide’ came to be while we were having our morning coffees.”

The video finds Katie Munshaw donning a mask, a means of communication between her and the audience. “When it was time to discuss visuals for the album I had serious anxiety about being on camera,” she explains. “I find it strange how musicians are often introverted people yet one of the largest parts of our job is visually selling ourselves to an audience.”

“It feels unnatural to pine for strangers’ attention to afford rent or whatever, and as someone who’s particularly sensitive it isn’t sustainable. To me the mask not only represents a calloused version of myself but it lends itself to an anonymity that I love. I like the idea of a female artist making the conscious decision to take her appearance out of the question for the audience.”

Tune in now.


  1. Birthmark
  2. Close
  3. Open Up Wide
  4. Starlings
  5. Knock The Wind
  6. My Girl
  7. Jaws
  8. Salmon Season
  9. Barking Dog
  10. Cell Vision
  11. Stupid 4 U
  12. Are You Sick Of Me Yet?
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