Dizraeli Shares Latest Album, ‘Alive At The End Of The World: Set One’

A turning point for the Bristolian poet...

Dizraeli has released the first section of his upcoming double album, ‘Alive At The End Of The World: Set One’.

The project is a highly anticipated landmark for the Bristolian poet, fresh off of a career-defining UK tour. Across nine tracks, Dizraeli shares live recordings from his recent endeavours, a thought-provoking and poignant listen from start to finish. 

The intricacies of hip-hop and folk are ingrained in the artist’s new material, a nod towards his previous collaborators which range between Kae Tempest, Beardyman, Jam Baxter and Eliza Carthy. Using his background in climate activism as a focus point on the album, ‘The Twenty Years Deep Tour’ brought the multi-disciplinarian’s vision to life. Prior to embarking the stage, Dizraeli laid out three key goals…

  • Make sense ecologically
  • Meaningfully connect communities
  • Have a legacy that matters

‘Alive At The End Of The World: Set One’ arrives as a testament to Dizraeli’s ambitions as both an artist and campaigner. Tracks like ‘Morning Light’ see the artist at his most honest and deliberate in his delivery, at times leaning towards the craft of spoken word, at others dabbling in more soulful, melodic vocal hooks.

Inching towards the second section of the project, there’s the sense that the artist is tackling his creative output from a new angle once more. It’s an exciting time for Dizraeli, one that will extend his legacy further…

Tune in now.

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