Certainly seems so...
Daft Punk

If reports are to be believed, Kanye West's new track 'Black Skinhead' was written by Daft Punk.

Well, it had to happen...

The gravitational pull of two of the biggest PR campaigns on the world would eventually snag one another, dragging the twin releases into each other's orbit. Daft Punk recently returned with 'Random Access Memories' and during the lengthy, lengthy press barrage the pair gave an interview to Rolling Stone.

Stating that they were working with Kanye West, the pair revealed that Yeezy "was rapping – kind of screaming primally."

Apparently it seems that the results have already been made public. Kanye West appeared on Saturday Night Live recently, performing the visceral, Marilyn Manson sampling epic 'Black Skinhead'. Eagle eyed viewers spotted that during the credits Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - aka Daft Punk - are named as "composers". (via FACT)

So there you go. Here's a screen grab if any more corroboration were needed. Nothing has yet been officially confirmed, so - as ever - take this with a tiny pinch of salt. This is the internet after all, anything could happen...

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