Deyaz Recruits Jessie Reyez For New Take On ‘I’ll Scream (All The Words)’

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Deyaz and Jessie Reyez align on a new version of ‘I’ll Scream (All The Words)’.

The two have been on tour together, and respect one another’s art. The year opened with ‘I’ll Scream (All The Words)’ becoming a viral sensation, a calling card during Deyaz’ rise.

Recent single ‘Bones’ marked a fresh chapter, spawning his first ever music video. Fans remain obsessed with his breakout moment, however, posting their own versions on TikTok.

So, Deyaz texted his touring buddy and set about re-working it – yep, Jessie Reyez has recorded an all-new verse for the song.

He comments…

“‘I’ll Scream’ started as a rough verse I posted that blew up on TikTok. I released it whilst on tour with Jessie & every night playing it on stage was a special moment. So it’s surreal a couple months later that we’ve got to collaborate on it, feels like the song & its memories align. I’ve always been a fan of Jessie’s so to have her on ‘I’ll Scream’ has been an honour.”

Jessie Reyez continues: “The Internet sucks for many reasons but it’s also lit for others. Finding music across the world that you might’ve never come across is one of the good reasons. I’ve been a fan of Deyaz for a while. I brought him on tour after becoming friends online and he killed it every night so this collab’s been a long time coming.”

Tune in now.

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