Demob Happy Launch New Album ‘Divine Machines’

Searing new track 'Voodoo Science' is out now...

Demob Happy will release new album ‘Divine Machines’ on May 26th.

It’s the band’s third album to date, and their first on new home Liberator Music. The Newcastle-via-Brighton trio amplify their ambitions, matching their DIY roots to a palpable thirst for connection.

Lyrically, ‘Divine Machines’ deals with our current dystopia, a kind of rock rendition of Blade Runner viewed through a UK prism. Matthew Marcantonio comments…

“I really see what’s happening to the human race as a moment in a hero’s journey. We’re at the point in the James Bond film where the villains reveal themselves and tell us the plan. We’ve got Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, these absolute supervillains with their rockets doing whatever the fuck they want, and software guru Bill Gates buying vast swathes of farmland for who knows what. They’re all revealing their plans to humanity and we’re all still going, ‘I hope they’re the good guys!’” 

“What we need is inspiration to change because we only win this war if the change starts with us. There’s huge ripples of that in society, and it’s distorted through social media, but you can see people becoming more self-aware. That’s what I wanted to write about – inspiring that change.”

Searing new single ‘Voodoo Science’ races out of the traps, worth aligning alongside Royal Blood, or those early Foo Fighter cuts. Matthew says of the single…

“We wrote ‘Voodoo Science’ as a bit of chaos – an antidote to banality – a magic potion written to defy the collective stupor of the recent past. Something to wake you up and shake you up!”

Dive in now.

‘Divine Machines’ will be released on May 26th, order it online.


  1. Token Appreciation Society
  2. Voodoo Science 
  3. Earth Mover 
  4. Tear It Down 
  5. Muscular Reflex 
  6. Super-Fluid 
  7. She’s As Happy As A Man Can Be 
  8. Run Baby Run 
  9. I Have A Problem (I Ignore) 
  10. Divine Machines 
  11. Hades, Baby 
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