Demi Lovato Poster Banned Due To Blasphemy

Sorry, what year is this again...?

A Demi Lovato promotional poster has seemingly been banned due to blasphemy.

The pop rebel returned in 2022, sharing their explosive full length project ‘HOLY FVCK’. At the time, Clash reviewer Emily Swingle wrote that the album “serves as brilliant proof of Lovato’s hard rock capabilities. Lovato suits hard rock, those vocals absolutely gorgeous when paired with a sturdy burst of heavy soundscapes. While Lovato can knock out a summer-ready banger, it’s equally as thrilling to see them lurking in the shadows.”

Now it seems that a poster promoting the album has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in part because it was “likely to cause offence to Christians…”

The poster contained a picture of Demi Lovato “in a bondage-style outfit whilst lying on a large, cushioned crucifix”, along with the name of the album, ‘HOLY FVCK’.

Placed in six locations around London, it was then pulled down four days later. In a note, ASA upheld complaints that the advertisement would cause “serious or widespread offence” and that it was “irresponsibly placed where children could see it.”

Humanist UK have hit out at the ruling, calling it “a de facto ban on blasphemy” in a new statement.

Humanists UK Director of Public Affairs and Policy Richy Thompson commented: 

“Regardless of what anyone may think of the language used in Lovato’s advert, or its appropriateness for children, religious offence should never be grounds to ban an advert. It’s been fifteen years since anti-blasphemy laws in England and Wales were repealed, yet since then the ASA has continued to enforce a de facto ban on blasphemy by banning adverts for this reason. This is an unacceptable stifling of the right to freedom of expression.”

Demi Lovato hasn’t commented.

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