'Collections' due on January 28th

Delphic are set to release their second album 'Collections' through Polydor on January 28th.

Hailing from Manchester, Delphic seemed to be steeped in the city's heritage. Matching indie songcraft to electronic production, the band appeared to sit neatly in the pathways broken by imprints such as Factory Records. Yet this wasn't some New Order copycat affair.

Producer Ewan Pearson lent the project some gravitas, while the band's assured grasp of indie dynamics really shone through in the live arena. Working on a follow up, teaser cut 'Good Life' helped soundtrack the London Olympics.

Now Delphic are ready to make their next move. Second album 'Collections' is set to be released through Polydor on January 28th, with Ben Allen (Bombay Bicycle Club, Animal Collective) and Tim Goldsworthy (Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem) sitting behind the production desk.

Judging by the press release, the band are on fiery form. Here's a quote from Rick Boardman: "We get very angry about the state of popular music and we want to bloody change it. And why shouldn’t we?"

Here's a quick trailer.

'Collections' is set to be released on January 28th.


1. Of The Young
2. Baiya
3. Changes
4. Freedom Found
5. Atlas
6. Tears Before Bedtime
7. The Sun Also Rises
8. Memeo
9. Don’t Let The Dreamers Take You Away
10. Exotic


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