Delmer Darion Aim For The Poetic With ‘First Photograph Of The Nebula In Orion’

Featuring Spencer Radcliffe and Martha Skye Murphy...

Delmer Darion return with beautiful new song ‘First Photograph Of The Nebula In Orion’.

The experimental duo’s entrancing debut album became a superb word of mouth success story, with their atmospheric musicality carrying a soundtrack quality.

Taking time out to re-focus, Delmer Darion have just broken cover with something new. The London based pairing move from deft avant-folk through to noise-drone scenes on ‘First Photograph Of The Nebula In Orion’, a track that really takes you on a journey.

An expansive work, Delmer Darion are joined by Chicago-by-Ohio songwriter Spencer Radcliffe and the wonderful Martha Skye Murphy.

The group’s Tom Lenton comments:

“The song is a response to the photograph it’s named after, which was captured by an amateur astronomer named Henry Draper in 1880. I was reading about how dry photographic plates work. That got me thinking about how it feels to remember someone that’s been out of your life for a long time. So it’s partly ekphrasis and partly about piecing memories together.”

Tune in now.

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