It makes for a riveting watch...

The issue of cultural appropriation is something that looms large in 21st century popular culture.

It's something that has caused us all to re-assess the privileges within our own life, and how culture - and cultural artefacts - have been constructed.

Deerhunter played Seattle's Showbox a few days ago, when an audience member - identified as Daniela B. - walked to the front and yelled "fuck you" at frontman Bradford Cox.

The reason? The singer mentioned he was a fan of Twin Peaks, and stated that he planned to visit North Bend at the Salish Lodge that night so that he could explore Snoqualmie culture.

Bradford Cox asks the audience member: “Is there something about North Bend that I should know? I’d like to hear it”.

She declines, saying: “Why should I, as a person of colour, have to tell you about it?”

Bradford Cox responds: “So that I can empathise and relate to your point”.

He continues: "Ideas are traded between cultures through communication, not by insulting and yelling ‘fuck you’ at people. I have been marginalised my entire fucking life… marginalised by heteronormative culture, marginalised by socioeconomic situations, marginalised by being differently abled.”

“What is your assumption about my life that makes you think that I am somehow privileged or I represent someone appropriating your culture? I believe that you have a very good point that you’re not going to share with me out of arrogance.”

The heckler then interrupts by saying: “You obviously as a white person, male...”

Braford Cox then asks: “Did you just call me male? I don’t even know that you can assume my gender, my friend.”

Was she right to make her point that way? Was Bradford Cox right in his response? It makes for a fascinating conversation.

(via Stereogum)

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