It's called 'The Physical World'
Death From Above 1979

One album, that's all it took.

Released a decade ago, Death From Above 1979's debut full length 'You're A Woman, I'm A Machine' is still inspiring new bands - indeed, the Toronto mavericks can justifiably point at the current slew of two-piece combos and shriek "we invented you!"

Reforming amidst chaotic, emotional scenes, the band have now confirmed plans for their second album. Speaking to the NME, Death From Above 1979 confirmed that the record would be called 'The Physical World' and will be released later this year.

Sebastian Grainger said: "No matter what Jesse and I do, on whatever scale of success it's sat on, there's always some kind of reference to Death From Above. It's only frustrating because it's so lazy. So we're putting out a Death From Above record and if the press is like, 'It's not what we expected,' or however they react to it, it's like, 'Well, you've been fucking asking for it.'"

Continuing, the drummer explained that new music is key to keeping Death From Above 1979 on the road: "This record is a key for us. It will permit us to go play the shows we want to play and it gives us the freedom to do what we want."

Produced in Los Angeles with Dave Sardy at the helm, projected song titles include 'Right On', 'Virgins' and 'Cheap Talk'.

'The Physical World' is set to be released later this year.

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