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Dean Blunt

Dean Blunt has surprised fans with the release of new album 'Stone Island'.

Hype Williams is an enigma, wrapped in a smokescreen, playacting at being a hoax. The project always appeared to be guided by a hidden hand, and a recent announcement that Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland were set to leave was as confusing as it was inevitable.

Since then, speculation has mounted over the musicians' next step. Dean Blunt released solo album 'The Redeemer' through Hyperdub last year, and a few signs pointed to a follow up.

'Stone Island' is the result. A free download, it was seemingly recorded in a Moscow hotel room and features the usual bewildering array of samples, found sounds and bass atmospherics.

Amongst the highlights is the Pentangle reference on 'Three', while previous collaboration Joanne Roberston drops by on 'Heat'.

Stream it below (via TinyMixtapes), or download it in Russian HERE.

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