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Deafkid are set to release their new single 'Vigilante' via Tape Club on July 15th.

Deafkid are a new group with familiar faces. Christopher Lockington and Florian Sauvaire previously backed Ghostpoet, adding supple rhythms and obtuse electronics to his effortless rhymes.

Now they've got a project of their own. Deafkid was launched last year, all angular riffing and demented vocals, sharp production and left field pop flair. Hitting the studio, the duo are now ready to unveil their next single.

'Vigilante' will be released on July 15th, with Tape Club once again providing Deafkid with safe harbour. The track itself borders on prog in its ability to cram as many great ideas into one space as possible.

Opening with bubbling electronics, the drums crash in with an awkward Devo-style beat. Guitars ripple past like Robert Fripp in his early 70s pomp, while there's a curiously tropical flavour to those vocals...

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Deafkid are set to release their new single 'Vigilante' on July 15th. The pair have confirmed the following show:

3 London Cargo (supporting Vessels)

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