Deadbeat Girl Shares ‘What Will It Take?’ EP In Full

A vivid new voice...

Deadbeat Girl has shared new EP ‘What Will It Take?’ in full.

The South Florida artist started writing songs in their mid teens, and as a result their work is packed with the highs and lows of adolescence. The pandemic afforded them space to perfect these nuggets, while honing down on their production skills, too.

Citing everyone from Billie Eilish to Tyler, the Creator as an influence, Deadbeat Girl was born from those lockdown days. Now, their new EP ‘What Will It Take?’ is online in full, and it presents the fullest realisation yet of their alt-pop vision.

They comment…

“I started writing these songs when I was 16. I was full of those aches and pains of being a teenager. They touch on young teenage heartache and conflicting relationships. I’ve grown up with these songs and even though my voice and sound has matured, these experiences during my formative years will forever be a big part of my life.”

Of the tracks on offer, perhaps ‘These Walls’ is the most impressive. Self-produced, it discusses in frank yet poetic terms the feelings of growing up queer in a small conservative community.

Deadbeat Girl adds:

“I grew up feeling like I could never be myself, I was violently closetted through highschool. When I did have a relationship and people found out, I got so much shit for it. It was a nightmare. Despite there being a queer community in Florida, I was absolutely not in touch with it. Off the back of that, I moved to New York to study, hoping that would be somewhere I could spread my wings and be myself.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jada Solèy Rodriguez

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