Dayglow Announces Debut Album

It's a self-titled affair...

Talented Texan Dayglow has outlined plans for his debut album.

The songwriter – real name Sloan Struble – has conquered the internet, with a series of mixtapes gaining an international following. 2019’s ‘Fuzzybrain’ launched his account, followed by the excellent ‘Harmony House’ and 2022’s ‘People In Motion’.

Now he’s ready for his debut album, proper. Out on September 13th, self-titled album ‘Dayglow’ is the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another.

A self-contained talent, the 10-track record was written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by Struble himself in his Malibu home studio.

He says…

When I was 18 years old, I made my mixtape ‘Fuzzybrain’. I was a pretty introverted kid from a reasonably small town in Texas, so I didn’t expect much to happen ‘commercially’ for the record—I just made it for my own enjoyment, really. As a fan of the 2010’s indie music scene (MGMT, The Strokes, Phoenix, Passion Pit, etc.), I wanted to see what kind of album I could make completely alone in my bedroom. So, out of the quest to make something I loved, Dayglow was born. It was a clear reflection of myself at that time. It was pure, naive, goofy, guitar-driven indie-pop made to be played live by a 5-piece band (that I didn’t even have yet).

Since then, I’ve fully become Dayglow, and my world has become an odd culmination of everything I didn’t think I’d ever have. But I still feel like I haven’t properly introduced myself. So with this new album, I view it as a debut. Self titled, big shabang. The past three records have shown who I was growing up, who my influences were, who I was when I was a kid, so they felt more like mixtapes. Dayglow is finally entering the world in its purest form with clarity and confidence. I want this album to define exactly what Dayglow looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

New single ‘Cocoon’ is out now, and it’s a glorious, sun-packed, fuzzy indie pop ear-worm – tune in now.

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