Dax Pierson Given Enormous Payment

Subtle musician wins court case

Bay Area musician Dax Pierson has won $18.3 million in damages from Ford Motors, after a tragic touring accident left him paralysed.

Despite massive physical disabilities, Dax Pierson remains a member of Subtle. A gang of musicians aiming to expand the boundaries of hip hop, their experimental music is often compared to progressive rock due to its lengthy and ever-evolving nature.

A founding member of the group, Pierson is one of the driving forces of Subtle. Before his injury, Pierson was a keyboard player, singer and arranger with the band. Subtle’s debut album ‘A New White’ spawned the single ‘F.K.O.’ – which cheekily stood for ‘Fuck Kelly Osbourne’.

Acclaimed by critics as a breath of fresh air in the increasingly staid world of hip hop, Subtle headed out on tour. However when driving through Iowa the group’s tour van hit a patch of black ice and went spinning off the road.

Whilst five members of the band walked away with only minor injuries, Dax Pierson’s chair snapped away from the chassis. The musician fell badly, smashing his spine and leaving him as a quadriplegic.

Despite not being able to move his hands or legs, Pierson was able to contribute to Subtle’s last studio album ‘ExitingARM’ using Ableton Live.

With the United States being a land where free health care is difficult to come by, Dax Pierson was left with huge bills to pay. Unable to make a living as a musician, Pierson sued Ford and earlier this week a San Francisco jury awarded him $18.3 million.

Lawyers for the car company disputed the claim, arguing that the E-350 van had met industry regulations and that the van’s driver had been speeding. However the jury dismissed those arguments, awarding Pierson the enormous payout.

San Francisco Chronicle reports the musician’s lawyer Thomas Brandi as saying that “the main problem was the seat. If the attachment didn’t fail, Dax would have been just like the others, uninjured.”

Ford have declined to comment on the case.

Since news of the injury broke, Pierson’s musician friends and promoters have rallied round organising a series of tribute shows and benefit albums. Yet these can only do so much, with health care of this magnitude costing a small fortune.

With this huge pay out, Dax Pierson can be taken care of for the rest of his life.

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