Dawn Richard, Spencer Zahn Announce New Album ‘Quiet In A World Full Of Noise’

It's out on October 4th...

Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn will reunite for new album ‘Quiet In A World Full Of Noise’.

On paper, the two are the original odd couple – a New Orleans artist working in the R&B sphere, and a left-field composer known for his ambient journeys. Together, though, Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn seem to work perfectly in-sync.

The pair’s first collaborative album ‘Pigments’ was – in Dawn’s own words – “was one of the best projects I’ve ever made and the furthest I’ve ever been pushed as an artist”. The best part? Another is on the way…

New album ‘Quiet In A World Full Of Noise’ is out on October 4th, and it finds the duo moving their partnership into different arenas. Spencer Zahn kicked off the creativity, using the piano as a vehicle to express post-break up grief.

For her part, Dawn Richard zoned in on these feelings with her improvisatory vocals. She says: “I did not write this down – I purged it out, and then I didn’t change anything after it. Our family has a distorted view of therapy; I’ve had to do a lot of healing on my own. So this was a moment of severe openness, sharing that moment with the world…”

The two will play London Jazz Festival on November 16th, while wonderful new song ‘Breath Out’ is online now.

1. Stains
2. Quiet in a World Full of Noise
3. Traditions
4. Diets
5. Stay
6. Life in Numbers
7. Moments for Stillness
8. The Dancer 
9. Breath Out
10. To Remove
11. Ocean Past
12. Try

Photo Credit: Clifford Usher

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