David Rodigan Leaves Kiss FM

In protest at reggae 'marginalisation'

David Rodigan has decided to part company with Kiss FM due to what he believes is the station's 'marginalisation' of reggae.

David Rodigan is one of British reggae's most important figures, a man whose taste and selection has inspired generations to explore Jamaican music. Hell, even the Queen is a fan – recently honouring the DJ with an MBE. Sadly, though, the broadcaster believes his time at Kiss FM is at an end.

A mainstay on the station, David Rodigan's famed reggae show was recently moved to a midnight slot – a decision which seems to have sparked his resignation. For their part, Kiss FM claimed to be "very sad and disappointed" at the decision.

In a statement (via the BBC) the broadcaster said: "We have the utmost love and respect for David both personally and professionally," the statement continued. "He leaves with our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all that he has achieved with Kiss."

David Rodigan's full statement is packed with the kind of sincerity and commitment which has been a hallmark of his career. Find it in full below: "I write this to inform you that today I have resigned from my position as a broadcaster on Kiss FM. I’ve been with station for 22 years, shared some wonderful times with many fantastic artists and members of staff and its with great sadness that I’ve come to this decision. Due to their continued marginalisation of reggae music into the twilight zone of radio scheduling, it has left me no option but to make a stand for my passion and the music I love so dearly."

"As Bob Marley famously said “the stone that the builder refused will be the head corner stone.” Reggae was originally played on the streets, not on radio, and Kiss’ refusal to schedule the only reggae show on their network to a socially accessible time has resulted in this decision. Reggae is worthy of more respect and so are the fans and lovers of this music."

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