Listen to 'Can't Seem To Find You Now'...
David J. Roch

Based in Sheffield, David J. Roch is an odd talent to place.

With his acoustic instrumentation and deeply English songwriting, Roch could almost be labelled folk - but then, there's very little 'traditional' in his outlook.

Matching a high, keening tenor against often quite dark lyricism, the songwriter is currently working on his second album 'A Cynic, A Realist, An Undertaker'.

Scottish artist Rachel Sermanni recently dropped past the studio, and quickly the pair began sketching out something different.

'Can't Seem To Find You Now' is the sound of two blossoming songwriters relaxing in each other's company, and the lack of pressure seems to push them on to greater heights.

With both voices blissfully wrapping themselves around one another, this is fascinating, extremely beautiful music.

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