His first solo LP in 20 years...

David Crosby is set to release new album 'Croz' on January 27th.

The term 'legend' is undoubtedly over-used, but David Crosby, truly, is a legend. One of the pioneering forces behind The Byrds, his role in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young helped transform the quartet into a global success.

Later succumbing to drug and alcohol issues, David Crosby last released a solo album two decades. Emerging from isolation, the songwriter has outlined his intentions to finally break this silence.

'Croz' will be released on January 27th, and to introduce the record David Crosby sat down for short interview. "At my stage of life, most people peter out - or just get lazy" he states. "So now I have this record, that not everybody expects. Musically, this is a voyage."

Check out the full teaser below.

Produced by David Crosby alongside his son James Raymond and Daniel Garcia, the album contains numerous collaborations including Wynton Marsalis (on 'Holding On To Nothing'), Mark Knopfler ('What’s Broken'), Leland Sklar ('Find A Heart') and Steve Tavaglione ('Morning Falling', 'Find A Heart').

'Croz' is set to be released on January 27th. Tracklisting:

'What's Broken'
'Time I Have'
'Holding On To Nothing'
'The Clearing' 'Radio'
'Slice Of Time'
'Set That Baggage Down'
'If She Called'
'Dangerous Night'
'Morning Falling'
'Find A Heart'

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