David Cameron Celebrated New Year With Blur’s Alex James

But he wouldn't do karaoke...

Part of the so-called Chipping Norton set, Blur’s Alex James (bass player turned cheese farmer) has endured all manner of criticism for his connections to the establishment.

Well, it’s about to get worse. Hosting a special New Year’s party at his house, Alex James invited David Cameron and wife Samantha along for the party.

A source tells The Sun: "David and Samantha looked to be having a fun time," said one onlooker. "Although his security was with him to make sure none of the 200 guests got any pictures, it was definitely an off-duty night for the PM. He seemed to be sipping on red wine throughout the night, although (he) wasn't drunk – which makes his dad dancing even less excusable."

Seemingly Alex James tried his best to get David Cameron to perform karaoke – but the Prime Minister was having none of it. "Alex kept trying to get him to sing karaoke and looked like he was almost persuaded. But that was probably the point he realised it was time to go home. Samantha was a great laugh and dancing around. It looked like she was playing a leg as a guitar as one point."

Oh dear. So, this naturally begs the question: what song should David Cameron sing at karaoke? Answers via Twitter please.

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