David Byrne Carl Jung Lecture

Billy Corgan also contributing

One time Talking Heads star David Byrne is set to join forces with Billy Corgan to discuss psychologist Carl Jung.

David Byrne has always stuck out from other rock stars. Overtly intellectual, early gigs by Talking Heads seemed more like a pastiche of performance art than a rock show.

Even on the band’s debut album ‘Talking Heads 77’ the singer was still breaking barriers, writing songs such as ‘Book I Read’. Now David Byrne is due to praise a huge inspiration on his life by giving a lecture on Carl Jung.

The Scottish born songwriter is set to join a host of creative types in paying tribute to the ground breaking psychologist. David Byrne will contribute to the Rubin Museum of Art’s upcoming ‘Red Book Dialogues’ series.

Also taking part in the series is Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins. After their disastrous American tour in 2008 the band recently auditioned a new teenage drummer and are working on new material.

Before a new album is completed, however, Billy Corgan is set to pay tribute to Carl Jung. In addition to the grunge-goth icon the likes of Sarah Silverman and Charlie Kaufman are set to take part in the discussions.

Intriguingly, the Rub Museum have offers to stream audio and video podcasts of most of the discussions. Which makes it rather likely that at least part of David Byrne and Billy Corgan’s contributions will be available to observe.

Billy Corgan is set to take part in the discussions on November 14th, with David Byrne contributing on November 21st.

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