Tony Visconti talks, plus more information on that cover...
David Bowie

David Bowie's return has brought with it a slew of new information - Clash rounds up the most important aspects.

So the Thin White Duke is back. David Bowie - for so long ensconced in elegant retirement - decided to toast his 66th birthday in fine style, unveiling new album 'The Next Day' and placing the download single 'Where Are We Now?' online.

Out later this year, 'The Next Day' seemingly finds David Bowie reflecting on his famed period in Berlin. Retreating to the German city in the late 70s, the English artist produced a peerless trilogy of albums which many critics would argue represents the pinnacle of his career.

In keeping with this, the cover art for 'The Next Day' plays with one of his most iconic images. Find the artwork above, with designer Jonathan Barnbrook posting a few comments about the process on his blog. "The Heroes cover obscured by the white square is about the spirit of great pop or rock music which is ‘of the moment’, forgetting or obliterating the past," he explained. Later, the designer added that the cover matched the contemplative tone of the music: "(T)he new album is very contemplative and the "Heroes" cover matched this mood. The song 'Where Are We Now?' is a comparison between Berlin when the wall fell and Berlin today. Most people know of Bowie’s heritage in Berlin and we want people to think about the time when the original album was produced and now."

Meanwhile, producer Tony Visconti - associated with so many great Bowie moments over the past four decades - has spoken to BBC about his work on the album. Speaking about 'Where Are We Now?' the producer said: "I think it's a very reflective track for David. He certainly is looking back on his Berlin period and it evokes this feeling… it's very melancholy, I think. It's the only track on the album that goes this much inward for him. It's quite a rock album, the rest of the songs, so I thought to myself why is David coming out with this very slow, albeit beautiful, ballad why is he doing this? He should come out with a bang. But he is a master of his own life. I think this was a very smart move, linking the past with the future, and I think the next thing you hear from him is going to be quite different."

'The Next Day' is set to be released in March via Columbia.