"It's presumptuous. It's lazy."
Foo Fighters

One of the prevailing trends in live music across the past decade and more, a series of bands have decided to re-visit a key album in its entirety.

ATP's Don't Look Back series has led the trend, allowing acts to perform a classic LP front to back in full. Dave Grohl, though, is having none of it.

Foo Fighters are about to turn 20, and the nicest man in rock has rejected calls to play their debut in full. "I don't like it when bands do that," he told the NME. "It's presumptuous. It's lazy."

"I mean, I don’t mind playing a lot of those old songs just to revisit," he continued. "But the best way to celebrate our 20th anniversary isn’t to focus on 20 years ago, but to focus on the last 20 years, meaning two years ago and six years ago and eight years ago."

Famously, Dave Grohl recorded each and every part on 'Foo Fighters' by himself. With that album due to reach its 20th birthday next year, the songwriter briefly considered getting the band's current line up to re-record the debut LP. "At one point I thought, 'You know what would be really funny? To re-record the first Foo Fighters record as the band we are now,'" he said.

"'Cause the first record isn’t the Foo Fighters; it’s just me. So what if, for the 20th anniversary, we went in and re-recorded the first record – same songs, same arrangements, in sequence – but as the Foo Fighters 2014? Taylor was like, 'Are you out of your fucking mind?! That’s the worst idea ever! People would fucking hate it!'"

So it goes.

What's your view on single album shows? An appropriate tribute or simply lazy? Get involved on Twitter.

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