'The Violence' due on November 5th

Darren Hayman & The Long Parliament are set to release new album 'The Violence' on November 5th.

There's more to Essex than a certain TV show, y'know. Darren Hayman was born and brought up in the country, and retains an intense affection for the area.

Studying local history, the songwriter was intrigued to learn about an extensive series of witch trials during the Engish Civil War. Researching this period, Darren Hayman began to write a few songs to outline the events and the culture surrounding them.

An idiosyncratic work amidst a back catalogue littered with idiosyncrasies, 'The Violence' will be released on November 5th.

"Evil never thinks of itself as such, and people can act cruelly when frightened," Hayman explained recently. "I assume that Matthew Hopkins, the self-named 'Witch Finder General' believed, on some level, that he was acting on God's instruction."

Continuing, Darren Hayman emphasised the universality of the themes on display. "It’s about how violence frightens us and how fear just leads to greater violence".

Here's album track 'We Are Not Evil'.

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'The Violence' is set to be released on November 5th.

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